Things I have in common with my new pup, Bear:
We both have brown hair.
We like the outdoors.
We know a weird smell when we smell one, and we are often moved to investigate.
We both eat too fast. He has me beat for sure though.
We both have very small bladders.
We both like to play.
We both get tired easily and require much rest.
We can be distracted by fast movements and shiny things. He’s worse than me though.
We both like Josh the best.
We both have a touch love language and are quite cuddly.

Things we do not have in common:
I do not chew on cardboard, shoes or belts.
I do not bite toes.
I do not pee on the carpet.
I do not bark at my reflection in the dishwasher, although I don’t really like loading it. Does that count?
I am not very happy when asked to fetch things.

We have more things in common than not. Not sure what that says about me, but I think it means that he makes a great member of our family.