Baby registry fave so far. This kid is gonna be a sharp dressed little man to be sure.

Only a little over four months til he gets here. I was told by my co-worker, Evelyn, that I’ve started nesting. I’m not exactly sure what the symptoms are, but apparently I’m in. In my defense, Josh has been buying baby clothes almost every chance he gets. So far, he’s bought jammies, socks, a hat and a Beatles onesie. I only bought baby clothes once, then I cut myself off since I knew all the friends and family would want to buy those first. So far, I’ve been right. Last weekend I received pint-sized gear from both grandma’s and my cousin. And so it begins.

In other news, I’m experiencing the joys of finally being recognized a pregnant person. Co-workers, patients, friends and acquaintances are reaching out to pat my expanding belly or congratulate me on looking pregnant, sort of. Recently I thought to eliminate any ambiguity as to what is behind my protruding waistline by designing a t-shirt with the tag line, “Baby, not beer”. This may not be necessary though, as I’m reaching the 5 month mark which, from what I hear, is when the inevitable “pop” occurs. I go from looking possibly pregnant to positively pregnant. I’m really going to try embrace the pregnant me, wear the glow and bump with pride. I’m going to remember that I’ve been jealous of all visibly pregnant people up to now, thought they were adorable. I’m about to be that adorable pregnant girl. Will I get insecure about a misshapen body or will I enjoy my new life-giving curves? For my friends who are reading, please remind me that I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted, if by chance I whine about maternity pants and feeling fat. Oh, and you can also remind me that as I grow, baby grows too. And that’s a good thing.

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