Try as I might – and Lord knows I have tried mightily – I’ve had difficulty procuring a significant amount of pregnancy empathy from my husband. Perhaps this is because he is not pregnant. I very much want to be understood so I work overtime to create word pictures and comparable scenarios so he can “experience” my particular symptoms. I tell him how it feels like my internal organs are getting shoved up into my rib cage. I describe in extensive detail the stretching of my skin after a big meal. Despite my grand efforts, he would rather I stop with the overly graphic imagery and consult with my fellow pregos instead. Girls, I need help. Although it appears he may be unwilling, he is simply unable to comprehend the mystery, the wonder, the weirdness that is pregnancy.

I talked to my friend, Jessica, who is only a few weeks behind me in pre-momhood. We shared our mutual experiences attempting to talk our husbands into feeling pregnant. She’d had no success either. It appears there is a pattern here. We decided to band together, have a telephone book club with Childbirth without Fear, empathize, whine and support each other. She has a midwife and is neck-deep in natural childbirth techniques, literature and whatnot. I haven’t made up my mind yet. My mother had back labor during all four births but chose to labor naturally. Either she is a glutton for punishment or has an other-worldly tolerance for pain. I am not a fan of pain, or discomfort for that matter, and I feel like I want to keep that epidural needle on standby, just in case I freak out.

This morning as I talked with Josh about the birthing process, I talked round and round about birthing methods and how I hoped for his informed participation. It took about 20 minutes before I realized what I truly wanted. I knew it was the real issue because I started crying. Typical, I know. What I wanted was someone with me. I feel alone in this pregnancy thing, even with my husband’s support and friends with babies and all the stories from women who have gone before me. I want to know that the labor and the pain and the experience matters to Josh and that he would be willing to sit with me in it, and not bail if it gets messy. This he finally understood. Feels nice to be staring at the same page.

I still haven’t picked a childbirth method. I don’t know very much yet. I’m still scared. But knowing that my man has my back, and my belly, and whatever else may proceed from there, puts my little mind at ease.

And since you’re all wondering if I actually do look pregnant, as I’ve begun to claim, here’s a bit of evidence:

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  1. Please put up a picture where you are smiling!! What the heck? Your prego belly is just way too cute though. Are you proud I am leaving a comment?


  2. I can remember feeling exactly that way. It's such an exciting and terrifying time. Everyone tells you how wonderful pregnancy is but I wasn't really fully prepared for the anxiety and nervousness and yes fear that came with it. There are so many changes happening all at once in your body and you just want someone else to understand it all. As far as the birthing thing goes, do what feels most comfortable to you. I was really opposed to pain meds until I was about 4 hours into my labor when I caved.(My total labor was 6 hours.) And honestly it was the best choice for me. The important thing is to have a mom who is able to give it her best effort. Pain meds, epidural, or not. So do your research and come up with a plan that feels right to you. 🙂


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