My friend/roommate, Rachel, has an excess of swimsuits like I have never seen. This is one that actually fits me. I put it on and suddenly felt the urge to don my little black heels and have a mini photo shoot. I figured I should take advantage of my camera-courage since these moments are usually short-lived. There was obviously no way I was going to post these on facebook, but since I have an almost purely female audience here, I felt a little safer. Here’s what Josh captured from a couple minutes in our hallway. Just be aware, these are way too racy for a pregnant woman, and altogether unnecessary. But let’s just call this, “Victoria Secret’s ‘Knocked Up'” swimsuit line.

4 thoughts on “Gratuitous

  1. ahahahahahhahaa. Hehehehee. You are awesome and ridiculous. But you look great:) and you are ridiculous.and awesome. hahaha. this is why you are my friend.


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