Well, it’s Thursday, November 11. (11/11, if you care – I do.) I hoped and prayed he would come on his due date. I hoped and prayed he would come the next day, or the next. We are now three days past the due date – yes, that silly date I said I would pay no mind to – and I’m not sure what to hope and pray for now.

I had no idea how hard this week would be. I saw multiple friends and acquaintances struggle as they drifted further and further past their due dates, and I did not understand what all the whining was about. Now I do. It’s uncomfortable. You’re ready to be done. I get it now. The last two weeks before my due date were wonderful. I had that rosy perspective I talked about in my blog entry, the focus on thankfulness and enjoying the moments. But something happened when the calendar hit November 8, and I don’t think it was the time change.

So, I decided to move my maternity leave up one day, which means it starts today. Although I’m not officially “maternal” yet, not having to go back to work tomorrow in my larger than life state does take the pressure off. I’m back to realizing that now I have the gift of time to either squander or enjoy. And I’m going to enjoy it. I am going to read and catch up with friends, take walks and finish thank you notes. Oh, and sleep in. That will be a rare opportunity soon enough. I have no idea when he’s going to come, but I do know that it will be in the next 10 days. If not, they’re going to induce me and so neither of us will have a choice. So I’m going to try the optimism thing again. I think it counts more when it’s hard anyway.

Almost don’t look pregnant from the front, right? 🙂 Just let me think that.
Oh, but I am!

4 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. He looks like he has dropped some! I will be thinking labor thoughts for you. It can get so frustrating to be late. Sarah was 5 days over due so maybe Baby Siders wants to follow suit. 🙂


  2. Sarah you look adorable! You are the round-bellied full term mama that we always admired 🙂 The waiting is almost over, I'm praying for you and only a phone call away!


  3. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I need the prayers for sure. Today was the last day where I was technically was "expecting" him to come. After today, I'm just going to forget I'm pregnant (hah!), pretend I'm on vacation, and kick back. Here goes nothing.


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