I’ve been having contractions all day, since about 6am. They’ve been anywhere from maybe an hour apart to as close as three minutes. Seems like they are increasing in intensity as the day progresses. I know these irregularities are signs of early or pre-labor and can even go on for days. I’m hoping they don’t because this is not comfortable, and I’m not sure how much sleep I’m gonna get tonight. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to get a post up in the midst of all this.

I’ve been drinking my raspberry leaf tea throughout the day – gotta tone up that uterus. My birth ball, heating pads and warmed-up rice sock are all within feet. I’m finding that movement during contractions is best: walking, swaying, standing, whatever. Sitting still is not good, makes the pain more intense somehow, like it’s all I can think about when I’m sitting there. And heat really is about as great as they say.

Although I wouldn’t have chosen to have such a gradual entry into labor, I’m really thankful for the slow introduction. It’s nice to be able to gain strength, practice my breathing and relaxation with the smaller contractions so when they intensify, I will have some techniques to lean into. My doula, Rachel, has been a wonderful resource today, very encouraging and nice to have as close as my phone. And Josh has been with me almost all day, which I’ve loved – lots of quality time, for one. He’s been holding my hand if I need it, offering to get me things, helping me stand up since I injured my right foot last night. And maybe most meaningful, acknowledging how much work labor is. He’s a good man. I love you, Josh.

Since starting this post, I’ve had five contractions. Not bad for about 25 minutes. Every time I have one I have to set the laptop down, stand up, strap my rice sock to my back or belly and sway. Oh, and remember to breathe. Funny how hard that can be when your body gets so tight. Seems like the frequency is definitely picking up here, but it’s been off and on all day, slowing down and speeding up in seemingly random patterns. I know this is all normal, thanks to Rachel, but overall, I feel like this is going somewhere and that’s a good feeling. Today has certainly been good progress, although I’m not sure when the next step is going to come along. My next entry may be pictures of my child, or just more of this sort of thing. Let’s all hope for pictures. 🙂 More to come…

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