I like numbers. I think they have significance, like times on the clock – I often happen to glance over at 11:11 or 1:11. And dates. Like today. So here’s a post in honor of 1.11.11.

And speaking of cool-numbered dates, how about helping me welcome little Grace Bouzianis to the world. She was born on 1.1.11 to my dear friends, Steven and Jessica. She’s got a little hat on in the picture, but she sports more hair than John. It’s true. Mom had a wonderful home birth with no complications. She’s my hero. Congratulations, Steven and Jessica. Grace, welcome!

And speaking of babies, my friends, Kristen and Tommy, welcomed little Laiken on Sunday. He was two weeks early – and she was a first time mom. Not fair! Mom, Dad and baby are all healthy and doing great. Can’t wait to hold that little guy.

So, one week and one day of work down (yup, cool numbers). Here’s how it went.
–Got as much sleep as a college kid because my roommate – who only drinks from the bottle and happens to wear diapers – no, not Josh – was up all night.
–In order to stay awake at work, I flashbacked to college again by drinking as much coffee as in my college days, and feeling that nasty, caffeinated hangover by the afternoon.
–Found out sick babies are so sad. For everyone. There’s not much you can do for a 7 week old sickie but apply Vick’s Baby Rub, suction out the goop and pray it goes quickly. It’s been a rough 10 days since he got sick.
–Discovered that I can be a mom and a working woman, all at the same time. I can leave home without a meltdown and come home and resume mommy duties the second I walk in.
–Got significantly closer to arranging supervision hours for my clinical work. I need two years of supervised therapy in order to be able to be an independent clinician. It’s been a long road trying to get the Army to okay a supervision plan for us, but it looks like God is about to “open a door no man can close”. He likes to do that. Getting this set up will enhance my energy and enthusiasm for what I do every day. I’d like to say finding purpose was easier, but sometimes my job felt so monotonous. Good to be working toward a goal. “Without a vision, the people perish.” How true.
–So far, kept my “resolution” to read the Bible daily, just haven’t quite read as much as I signed on for. I’m reading through the New Testament with Josh – the plan requires several chapters a day, which has been a stretch for me, but a good one. It’s been so good to be reading consistently, allowing my heart to hear God and be more tuned in, more likely to pray, more likely to see things from God’s perspective rather than my own, which tends to be soaked full of fear and doubt. Even if I can’t keep up with the reading plan, I know I’m reading more than I would’ve before so hey, still a success.

Still love being this little boy’s momma

2 thoughts on “One Eleven Eleven

  1. I was so shocked at the amount of hair Grace has. She's a cutie! Glad to hear that your transition back to work has been relatively smooth. For your guys' sake I hope John is a better sleeper than Sarah. She still doesn't consistently sleep through the night. And I totally agree with you on sick babies. Sarah had her first cold shortly before Christmas and it was so sad. There's not much that can be done and what you can do seems like torture at the time. Although we did end up putting a towel under one end of her mattress (per the pediatrician's orders) to keep her head elevated to help with congestion.


  2. Babies everywhere!!! 🙂 Thanks for the welcome of my hairy milk monster! hahaha So glad you are doing well with balancing everything! YOU are my hero! 😀


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