I’m sure you’ve noticed all the banging around going on at the Siders House Rules.  New blog banner, a few buttons on the side showing off things I like/do, even an ad, just to mix things up.  I wouldn’t call it an identity crisis, although at times it feels that way.  I just realized that I missed writing, and I wanted to do something about.  Like write more.  And I wanted my writing space to be pretty.  Inviting.  Tempt people back.  So in the process of doing that, I’ve gotten swept into the blog world.  I’m now that girl, spending hours hopping from link to link, blog to blog, even getting a bit of blog envy from time to time.  I realize that my new fascination with blogging and being liked in cyberspace is potentially insatiable, that I may end up with 50 followers and then want 100, and so on.

Anyway, I’ve stumbled upon a few enjoyable stops on my journey through blogdom, and I’d like to share these helpful spots with you.  And heads up: the icons below are just pictures, not actual links.  The links are in the text, so don’t get confused.

First, The Blog Guidebook.  These fine folks helped me figure out how to make that nifty banner you see on top, and the blog button along the side.  They’ve got several resources available if you’re into snazzing up your writing/creative space.

Next, love these free fonts from Kevin and Amanda.  Whoever you are, thank you.  Free fonts?  How cool is that?  And they’re good too.  There’s probably about 100 here to choose from, or you can go crazy and download the whole lot of ’em in one swoop.  Yes, that’s what I did.  Since you wondered.
Still love this blog from months ago.  Makes me feel feminine and lacy just reading it.  Good for the girly soul.  Check it out: This IS Glamorous.

Last but not at all least: a blog I recently discovered.  Peine for Your Thoughts is a humorously honest report of a future mum to twins.  Makes me laugh every time, and fortunately, she updates a few times a week.  Can’t quite find a workable icon from her page so just follow the link above.    
That’s all for my favorites.  I’m sure I’ll have more lovely stops for you later, but this should keep you busy for now.  I know they keep me quite occupied.  Happy browsing. 


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  1. Glad you love writing and deciding to do it more! I love it too, you are right, it can be both profitable and personally rewarding. My small bit of advice — spend more time on your writing than you do on reading other peoples'. This helps me :)Hope all's well.


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