A year ago today…

I was with child.  He weighed about 6 pounds – I weighed about 20 pounds more than normal.  I was content, most often with a bowl of ice cream, thinking happy thoughts about labor.

I didn’t always look like this – this was a photo shoot, for crying out loud.  I had hours to prepare.

Today, my child weighs about 23 pounds – I’m about 5 pounds above my happy place. He is most often a joyful, literally bouncing, baby boy, who can scream like a pterodactyl and walk like a surfing Frankenstein. 

Swinging is his favorite.

The ungodly amount of gear “required” for a trip with one child.  But I’m still smiling.  Cause my kid’s in a chicken costume.

One year ago today, I could be found sipping water, donning elastic waistbands, and putting the finishing touches on the nursery.
The nursery one year ago.  No, you can’t see a “today” photo.  I haven’t put the clothes away yet.

Today, my son is drinking formula as I’m sipping hot chocolate, the fluffy kind with marshmallows and milk.  Now he rocks the elastic waistbands and my pants finally zip.  And today, putting finishing touches on the nursery involves putting John’s books away for the something-th time, folding laundry and swearing I will never paint another mural on the wall for the next kid.  Sorry, kid, whoever you are.

Current John stats: 
Hours asleep at night: Usually 10 (thank you, God!)
Steps: Many
Beverages other formula/breastmilk: orange juice, water, and I’m hoping the beer bottle Uncle Jim gave him didn’t actually have beer in it.
Foods: Almost everything short of pizza and caviar
Teeth: 8
Words: “Mama, dada, baba”.  While those might sound like words to you, they are simply noises to him.  We’re still learning.
Hobbies: Making a general ruckus, leaving rooms messier than he found them without apology, shaking his head “no”, clapping, crawling, walking, jumping, eating everything – no really: hairballs, shoestrings, clumps of carpet, leaves, shoes, and also food. I have pulled all of these out of his mouth, to his dismay.   He also enjoys being the center of attention.  I have no idea where he gets that from. 

4 thoughts on “Flashback: October 17, 2010

  1. This is great! Glad you're blogging again. Can't believe how fast our littles are growing up. Mine is sitting here cracking herself up army crawling across the floor. What an awesome life!


  2. Today was a warm drink day, for sure – I'm sipping mine now! Matthew pretends to feed our baby all the time. Grapes, chocolate muffins, beer. Thankfully the milk wins out!


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