Whether you need a politically savvy chuckle or a few moments of productive introspection, there’s something for everyone here on this weekend update.
Something funny:
How to derail your presidential campaign in 56 seconds or less for $200, Alex.  

Answer: What is Herman Cain’s newest Time for Action campaign ad?  No really, what is it?  As in, what was he thinking?  From the cigarette smoking to the creepo smile at the end, it’s a little fun to imagine how the ad director must’ve been guiding this from scene to scene.  Maybe something like this…?

           “Okay, cue “I Am America”, nice and loud.  Okay, great.  Now, Mark, look right at the camera, real serious, good, and take a big drag of that cigarette, James Dean-style.  Excellent.  Now cut to Herman.  Let’s do a profile shot, and let’s go from not smiling to a semi-smiling thing.  Okay, looks great.  Cut.

Someone was seriously smoking something to think this ad would get Mr. Cain even “one day closer to the White House”.  (Pun intended.)  Maybe my favorite line: “I really believe that Herman Cain could put ‘united’ back in the United States of America, and if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here.”  Oh, Mark.  I wish that was convincing.  But unfortunately, just believing something won’t get Herman into the White House, anymore than it got Harold Camping followers raptured on May 22, or October 21.

As for me, I will be dutifully monitoring The Colbert Report and SNL for the spoofs that will most definitely ensue.  Herman, we’re not laughing at you.  We’re laughing with you, or at least smiling smugly.

Something thoughtful:
On a less disturbing/hilarious note, my entrepreneur and big-dreamer pal, Blair Reynolds, recently posted a blog on Intimacy on his publishing company website.  In it he discusses the subtle ways we protect ourselves from intimacy – and the answer may surprise you.  It’s an ill many of us needlessly endure, and it’s keeping us from real depth of relationships, the intimacy we crave. Give this some thought – see how anxiety may be eroding the quality of your intimacy.