November was hard.  There were celebrations, the birth of our friend’s baby, Florence, and the celebration of our guy’s first year of life.  But there was community conflict, misunderstanding and heartbreak rampant in our tiny church family.  It was painful, a heart-stinging kind of ouch, the kind where you look at your own words and thoughts and actions and wonder how things could have turned out differently.  But November is over, and I’m glad to have all that in the history, not living it out, wondering on the outcome.  I want to look back with fondness, and remember the stuff that turned out well, the happy moments.  And that’s the stuff I have pictures of, thankfully.
For the record, last November, this was me.  Whoa!
Then on November 15, along came the most adorable 7 pound teenie I’d ever seen.  And wasn’t I just the most adorable post-birth mother you’ve ever seen?  Don’t answer that.
This November was a different kind of celebration. One that required almost as much recuperation time, but thankfully, did not require 9 months preparation.  We threw our John a party, a big, huge, too-big-for-the-house party with guests all over the place – in chairs and couches, on the floor, in the bedrooms.  We had a blast.  And so did he.
Cake on his face.  This was only the beginning.

Maybe next year he will open his own presents.

Going for a cruise in the Cozy Coup from Grams and Gramps, with his larger than life Teddy Bear, who is still nameless from Aunt Steph and Uncle Aaron.

Growing up with John has been an adventure.  I’m more patient than I was a year ago, not as well-slept, but kinder, more aware of love.  I can sense this pleasure I have with my son at the smallest, tiniest things he does.  And I can transfer that onto God, that if I can love my son that way, look at his silly antics with such affection, enjoy him so immensely, overlook messes large and small, that God can enjoy me that way too.  It’s the right way to live because it’s true.

I am still me though, chock full of grand ideas that haven’t seem to come to fruition.  I came up with this really great idea called “Get to know your neighbor November”.  I was going to bake some kind of bread – that’s where everything went wrong, I think, at the baking part – and take it to a neighbor three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I would allow an hour to chat, although I knew some wouldn’t have time to do that, and I was going to stand on the porch or sit in the living room, drink tea and learn their names.  I still hate that I don’t know my neighbors, all these wonderful people with stories and lives and we’re just tied up in our homes for fear of cold and closeness.  Someone has to break the ice.  Well, it was a great idea, but Josh said I had too much going on.  And he was right, so it didn’t happen.  But maybe there will be a “Get to know your neighbor December”.  And maybe I will blog about it.  You never know.

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  1. Sorry your month was so rough. I hate when misunderstanding causes so much pain. I'm glad you guys celebrated big for John. What a fun little guy. I love how big our babies are getting. It's so much fun to watch them grow up!


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