According to the Biblical text we were created as humans straightaway, breath of God in our nostrils and up we leapt, on two strong legs. No primate origins to speak of. And yet, after an early morning hour with this 16 month old, one has to wonder if maybe Darwin didn’t have a toddler too. #CuriousGeorge.

He climbed up on the chair by himself to get an adult view of things..

…and since it was time for his second breakfast, he opened the Cheerios, from the top of the kitchen table.

Afterwards he went fishing in the [forbidden] Lazy Susan.

With disgust he shows Mom a piece of polyester filling he found…

And then properly shreds the thing into tiny bits.

A few minutes later he finds himself going shopping,

and then makes a right good mess of his diaper bag.

The Adirondack chair makes a good stepping stool…
…but it turns out it’s also quite nice as a seat.

Can you see why I usually don’t feel the energy for a workout? Perhaps it’s because I’ve already had one.