Continuing our weekly Siders House installments celebrating one of the greatest universal human experiences: motherhood. This week’s installment was submitted by Debbie McCoy. (No blog site provided so you will just have to meet her in person.)

Installment #3:
I know I’m a mom…
When people at work ask me what I did over the weekend, and I have a blank look on my face because I honestly cannot remember anything!
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That’s a good one, Debbie. So true. When I say I can’t remember anything, people look at me cock-eyed and think I’ve resorted to drinking to deal with life since only drunks have most of their weekend memories erased. I try to convince them constant motion and toddler-chasing can have similar effects. But alas, to no avail.

[Keep the “You know you’re a mom when” ideas coming: I would love to hear about your hilarious and endearing moments that are so unique to motherhood, the ones where you know “only a mom says or does that”. Please share them here or at Can’t wait to hear from you.]

And thank you to my mom-couragers who gave me a boost on food ideas and helped me feel not-as-bad about myself for the nutritious meal struggle.

Now for a holiday-appropriate, Siders family update. 

Today was Easter, full of excess sugar, visiting family members and lots of things that call to mind a resurrected Savior. Wait… Well, let’s just be honest – we’ve more or less obscured Resurrection with sweet-tasting fertility symbols. But they’re so yummy…

Anyway, we did what every parent would do on Easter when their kid is dressed in argyle. We had an Easter egg hunt. We hid those eggs in plain sight, made sure the candy was the non-choking kind, and the eggs were so shiny you could see them from the Google satellite. As you can see, the babies (gah, toddlers now) found them and got right to work devouring the egg insides, which in this case were not yokes but Hershey eggs and M&Ms. 

Here is John, with his best friend Luke Harrison, who we are certain will hold a political office of some kind in the future, where all his writing utensils will line his desk in neat, little rows. Since the argyle looks good on John, he may be heading in the public service direction as well. Or at least in the direction of the nearest driving range.
Here are the proud parents, with the preoccupied egg hunters enjoying their finds, 
blissfully unaware of the nearby paparazzi.
At this time next year, I expect/hope this picture will be wider, with new additions on either side, either tiny bundles or belly bumps, at least. And we know John’s cousin-to-be will have earned his/her own basket. Looking forward to the next Siders baby debut, any time this month. And I’m sure for Steph, my sister-in-law, it can’t come soon enough. 
Happy Resurrection Life to us all. May we all be blessed with more and more life, in the form of tiny humans and the joy they bring, and in the form of the active presence of God in our lives. Amen.