Sunday I shared a spoken word/prose piece I wrote, inspired by Jesus, the only human being who was also God, the only One who lived large, died but came back. The only One who could reunite us with the Father. The Way. The Truth. The Life.

The MP3 of the live performance is here, along with the words for your reading-along pleasure. Thanks for listening.

But You Came Back
by Sarah Siders 

All of them died. Gone. Departed.
Their big mouths, big dreams, their propaganda.
Not even one of them could hold a candle.
To You.

All of them died. Gone.
They all started
The same way as you.
Babies, then children,
Men or women.
The rallies, assemblies,
They had followers too.

They left us here 
To figure it out out.
But You came down
To show us how.

When they died,
We laid them in the ground
Or sailed them out to sea;
Gave a grand farewell 
For their legacy.

But not You.
We hung You.
We strung You up.
Beheaded Your followers.
Shut them up too.

We celebrated 
The day You died.
Didn’t expect for You to rise.
Didn’t believe Your stories were true.
Cause we laid them in the ground
For good.
But not You.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
We know everyone who breaths 

And walks on this earth must
Die and stay dead,
No matter how grand 
A life that they lived.
But you came back.

And how we laughed,
“Those stories He tells”
Thinks He’s the Son of God
We’ll show Him well
He’ll die with the rest of ’em
Lay down with the best of ’em
No one comes back 
There are no exceptions.”
Until You resurrected,
Brought life from the deadest
And the powers of hell 
That had prevented
All creation 
You crushed, took down
Like no man who talked loud
In a stadium could
But You said You would

For what many had promised
You delivered,
Not just truth
But Life forever.
Where others failed,
You prevailed.

We laid them down
In the ground forever,
But You came back
So we could be together

One day we’ll rise up
At Heaven’s sound,
And You’ll come down
Your name renown.

We proclaim Your Glory,
We tell Your story
Because the other ones died,
But You Came Back.