This week’s episode is brought to us by Jazzmin (Jazzy) Earl. My dear friend from ages past, Jazzy and I became friends at age 12 when we ditched the other loser 7th graders to play basketball by ourselves. We lacked talent, but at least we weren’t playing Red Rover. 

Jazzy and I, front and center. We were very happy back then, which made up for the severe awkwardness that radiated from our beings.
Us today, 16 years later. And thankfully, less awkward.

Today, Jazzy is an uber-gifted artist and teacher, and she married into the adventure of mommyhood last June. With grace and patience, she parents Payton alongside her husband, Prentiss, and I love hearing the lessons she learns in the process. 

Jazzy tying up the loose ends on her Payton.

You can take a cyber-walk through Jazzy’s gallery of beauty and creativity at her portfolio site here. You can also get information on her upcoming art show at the Blue Koi in KC by clicking here. The show will be up the entire month of May so make a point to take the short drive east for a viewing. You won’t regret it.

One of Jazzy’s latest pieces. See what I mean? Talent.

Installment #4 from Jazzy: 

You know you’re a mom when you have to hide veggies in the food or put ridiculous amounts of bacon or cheese with them. 

If you look closely,  you’ll see a tiny spot of green. We think it may be broccoli.

What the heck is wrong with vegetables?!  So I have had to do what a mom has to do; and that is to hide the veggies in the food. Would you like some zucchini with that cheese? How about would you like some green beans with that bacon. Seriously a healthy side is not the same in this house these days.  And once it is all prepared, he eats one minuscule piece!  

Jazz, what can we say? You’re a trooper. And very good at your job(s).

Jazzy and Payton, having a chill moment, enjoying some Food Network. And hopefully getting some new ideas for disguising health food.
Thanks for sharing your Mom moment with us, Jazzy. Hope to hear from you again soon.

One thought on “You Know You’re a Mom Monday

  1. Haha! I can relate! The other day I pureed some broccoli and mixed it in with the kids rice. I told Amelia, "today we are having green rice!", like it was the coolest thing ever! She gobbled it up. 🙂 Victory!


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