This week’s installment of You Know You’re a Mom comes to us from Jessica Bouzianis. Jessica moms it up every day with her 16 month old, Grace, all the while taking good care of that bun in the oven. Because of Steven’s job, Jessica and her family seem to find themselves in motion most of the time, and this keeps her on her tiptoes, listening in to heaven to see what might be next for them. 

Jessica, Steven and Grace, the little darling

Jessica and I met a few years ago, introduced by a mutual friend. Over the years we found a million obscure lilly pads of commonhood: our unconventional roles with our husbands, our semi-hippie lifestyle choices, and at last, our natural births. Jessica turned me on to natural birth about 5 months into my pregnancy after I watched “The Business of Being Born”. After crying my way through the film, I was hooked. No epidural for me

Since then, Jessica and I have ventured through motherhood together, through text, email and Skype – and when we can, in person. Here are a couple shots of our littles enjoying each other’s company. Well, it gets better.

Their first meeting at about 4 weeks (Grace) and 2 months (John). Already getting on so well.
And just a few months ago.

Jessica had so many “You Know You’re a Mom” moments, but here are a few. There are hilarious…because they’re so true.

Installment #5
You know you’re a Mom when…

* you go from super proud to totally embarrassed at any second

* you trade in your purse for a diaper bag, and anyone can ask for anything from it,  and more amazingly you can pull it out….a little Mary Poppins, if you will

* you schedule your bathroom trips around a feeding schedule or nap time 
The precious, precocious? Ms. Grace

* you and the hubs are at home with the newborn who starts crying, is hungry and has a dirty diaper……and then you realize, there is no one to pass them off to

* a shower, hairstyle and makeup happen in the same day and you feel like you deserve a trophy….which you do

* every pic or facebook status update includes your little 

* you discuss the consistency of the tot’s poo with your hubs as an answer to “how was your day, dear”

* your meal plans revolve around what will be easiest to pick up after the toddler feeds it to the floor

* you wake up to the sound of a babe talking to her stuffed bunny and teddy bear and go in to find her standing at attention to greet you with a Hi!

* you find yourself on your knees in prayer everyday because that little bundle has a way of reminding you that you can’t do it on your own

Thank you so much for sharing these universal mommy moments with us, Jessica. Love these. Hope to hear from you again soon when you can talk about being a mommy of two. 🙂