This week’s edition comes to us from my friend Autumn Shea, a brave and pioneering mother of Irish twins. Born inside the same 365 days, Amelia and Mason keep Autumn creating and innovating new approaches to parenthood as she tries to peer inside the minds of not one, but two ambitious toddlers. 

Mia and Mason, covered in creativity

And here are the two, this time playing in the dryer. Apparently they both inherited mum’s sense of adventure…and perhaps an appreciation for the whimsical and the absurd too?

And here is Autumn with her hardworking man, and the littles too, all dressed up for Easter.

Autumn is quite crafty and finds herself passing time with fabric and stitch work, bringing her creations to life. I can’t say for sure that she is going to sell them to you, but I think it’s worth asking. 🙂 Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Look at the details on this little coffee cup hugger. Love this. 

Don’t have to have a daughter to know how cute one would be in this little number. 🙂

And since she obviously has a considerable amount of “free time” left over, she’s beginning the journey of becoming a doula – AKA, a wise and intuitive birth attendant – which will suit her well. Of course I’m thrilled at this prospect since I discovered first, what a doula was, that I in fact needed and wanted one, and then happily, found my doula, Rachel Andresen. And as I have raved before, I am so grateful she was a soothing, intelligent, essential part of my birth process. So I do hope this dreams becomes a tangible one for Autumn. 

Autumn blogs sometimes – and should more often, because she’s a good writer – at Transparent Heart. She’s got a wonderfully adventurous life story and its worth a listen so stop by and pay her a visit. 

Here are Autumn’s gifts to us for the week. Installment #6:

You know you’re a mom when…   

you find graham cracker crumbs in your dryer because your two-year-old decided that was the coolest place ever to eat her snack

nap time is the only time you feel like you can get anything done

you need a nap as much as the kids do

the laundry in your kids’ room multiplies mysteriously and begins to travel unaccompanied to other parts of the house

you have as many plastic dishes as you do breakable ones
What’s not to love about these squishy little people?

leaving the house is a 20-30 minute ordeal involving finding shoes, putting on shoes, stocking your diaper bag, finding said shoes again, putting shoes BACK on, etc.

using the bathroom with the door open and one or two little buddies is no big deal

you praise YOURSELF for using the potty to encourage your toddler to see it as a desirable skill (Ha ha sorry, Autumn, but I can’t help picturing this. So funny.)

you have picked up the same item off the floor 10 times or more in one day

the little people in your house are total rotten little boogers sometimes, but you still wouldn’t trade them for the world

Autumn, thank you for taking time to jot these down and giving us a peak into your world. This was fun. Back again next week with more. 

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