Sarah and her #2, Gigi

This week we hear from our most experienced mom yet, Sarah Madgwick, a mom of three – and almost four – with somewhere around 11 or 12 (combined) years of mommyhood wisdom.  Sarah and I know each other from church, and even though our children haven’t spent considerable time together (yet), I always enjoy listening to her frank take on marriage, parenting and “Churchianity”. Sarah tells it like it is, which instantly instills trust, sometimes inspires laughter, and ensures you’ll never wonder where you stand with her. A full-time, stay-at-home mum, she’s got all the creative genius you hope you’ll have when you have this much parenting under your belt. For example, just from watching her, I learned how to wipe a snotty nose and trick your kid into thinking you’re just playing a little game with them. (She may not even remember this, but I do, and now John can tolerate having his little sniffler wiped down every so often.)

Sarah blogs regularly at In The Mix, where you can check out her family happenings, hear the insides of her brain and see pictures of her littles, who are adorable, of course. 

The Madgwick family, before there was three.
And then there were three.

Good parenting = kids who actually like each other most of the time, right? 🙂 

I have clever, crafty, creative friends who could show me at a 4-H show any day. But I’m okay with this since we’re not actually in competition. Here’s one of the quilts Sarah made for one of her kiddos. I really have no idea how she has time for this sort of thing after she’s done keeping house and keeping up three littles. But alas, somehow she manages. This quilt here happens to be my favorite. I love all the whimsical fabrics she chose. Does she sell them? I don’t know. You should ask her. Stop by her blog to see. 

Lovely, isn’t it? 
So without further ado, here’s installment #7 of You Know You’re a Mom, served up fresh and sassy from Sarah Madgwick:

You know you’re a mom when things come out of your mouth that would never otherwise come out in normal adult conversation, things you would be mortified to have to ask/say to another human being over the age of 10.  Here are a few gems that make their way into regular conversation with my kids on a regular basis:

“No, toilets are not play things.”
“Your penis is, in fact, attached to your body.  You do not need to check every 5 minutes to make sure it hasn’t left you.”  
“No, mommy doesn’t need a helper while I use the toilet. Thank you for your concern.”
“Strictly speaking, candy for breakfast isn’t generally a good thing.”
Uh oh.

“Please stop squishing your baby sister.  I know she’s laughing but things can go quickly wrong in this scenario.” 

“Show me what is in your mouth.”

“The table is for eating on, not sitting on.” 
“Are you poopy?” 
“Do you need to go to the bathroom?”  
“I said 5 minutes, not 78 100.” (we’re still working on getting the concept of bigger numbers)
“No, you cannot run like a wild thing through the parking lot.  Cars cannot see you and will run right over your under 4 ft tall body.” 
“Will you please go make sure your baby sister doesn’t fall off the loft bed?”  (Clementine has discovered how much fun climbing ladders is. Yikes!)
“No, the police will not shoot you if you speed.”
“No, you do not go to jail for not wearing your seatbelt.” (We obviously had some confusion about the roll of law enforcement.)
and my personal favorite…
“No, mommy and daddy do not need your help.  No, please do not try to unlock the door.  We’ll be out in a few minutes.  What are we doing?  Umm…mommy’s helping daddy with something.”  😉  

These are fantastic, Sarah. Your honesty is hilariously refreshing, as always. Thanks so much for giving me an idea of what my next few years might look like. 

[Thanks to the many moms who have been participating. It’s been so fun to hear from each of you. If you want to participate for the first time, or want to come through for round 2, just send your You Know You’re a Mom ideas to, along with your website, business or whatever else you’d like promoted. Looking forward to hearing from you.]