Sometimes in the middle of the days and the tears and the diapers, the making sense of words that are not English and trying to recall why I prayed so hard to be a mom, I forget. I forget the reason I was heart-breaky sad and miserable until the day in March I found out I was pregnant. I forget that inside of this miniature, curly-maned lion is a boy who will kick a soccer ball and sing karoake with me, a teenager who will drive me to his school dance and brag about my sense of humor – probably not my cooking, a man who will find a calling, work hard at it, and marry and love a woman. A son who will make me proud with all that he is. 

Then I shrink back into the moment, and I see him differently, the tot who won’t stop chewing on things, who yells and bangs and thrashes and laughs at everything and nothing at all. Suddenly he is all the potential in the world. He is everything great that I know he could be, and getting him there will require all the love in my heart.

I am certain that being a mom, being a parent, is the most costly thing we will ever give ourselves to. But it’s worth it. Being his mom is worth it. 

Mondays are hard for us all. Maybe this lovely tribute to mums will help. It’s sponsored by P&G, just in time for the London Olympics. Weep your heart, mamas. This one’s for you.

3 thoughts on “You Have the Hardest Job in the World

  1. Parenting is absolutely the most costly thing we will ever do in our life. In the midst of 3 meals and snacks,crying,laughing,and cleaning, it is so easy to lose sight of the little people I serve. I forget they have been given to me for only a brief moment! Thank you for finding me today-I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog tonight! You have a gift with words!


  2. Thank you, Lori. I'm so glad you stopped by. I read your Reasons I'm Homeschooling my kids, and I usually am skeptical of that route since I was home-schooled and I grew into a strange, odd child lacking social awareness and needless to say, friends. But I know people can do it well and I'm glad you are. Maximizing time with your kids is probably the best reason. Proud of you.


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