The Siders House has been over at the dreaming up big, new, crazy things every day. It’s been a blast, a challenge I enjoy, and one I so desperately need. Getting less afraid every day. Granted, my imagination is being stretched like Silly Putty over here, wondering how far I can go. 

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But I know this is worth it. Because what if just one of these dreams comes true this year? What if one of them lodges in my heart so deep I just can’t shake it, and I have to stop everything and do something about it? What if the idea moves everyone around me, and we start something revolutionary? What if something huge happens and the entire world is never the same? One person has that kind of power, you know.

But even if it’s small, it’s still change. It’s progress toward better. It’s me leaving the earth a greener, more whole than it was when I got here. Dreaming is not just for children or people who smile a lot and paint their bedrooms pastel colors. Dreaming is for people who want something more for their lives than predictability, comfort and safety, who crave adventure, who love God and are not satisfied with being nice and not making anyone mad. 

And that’s me. I have to do this, to dig myself out from underneath all the rubble of fear and doubt and the economic uncertainties of the times. So here I am, with 12 little dreams, and new ones cooking up every day. And this far into it, my head is poking out of the wreckage, and I can see a little blue sky. 

There’s a lot left of me to get unstuck, but this is a great start.

This week’s dreams: 

Dream 9: To visit the ocean once a year
Dream 10: To see Manhattan, KS, finally get that House of Prayer running 24/7
Dream 11: To have a house full of music
Dream 12: To adopt my rainbow family