Writing about authenticity over at the 365 Dream Project today.  As I wrote, it struck me, just how much I love this place of real, the people who can reside in the place of fearless transparency. It’s so inviting. So beautiful. Here’s a portion of the post. You can read more by visiting the post – the link is below.


I’ve only met one, two people who have it. Maybe five tops. 

It’s authenticity. The rare, personality trait that doesn’t seem to hate itself. Enjoys itself, in fact. The quality that has room for self and others, for foibles and genius and idiosyncrasy. Authenticity lets its gut hang out, but it doesn’t mind too much. And when you’re in its presence, you can too. And you don’t mind much either.

Around the authentics, I feel this strange peace. My heart rate slows, and so does my tongue. I stop over-thinking everything. I am not about to lose a game of wits; there are no games to play. I get a chance to just say what is true, not what seems eloquent or intelligent. There’s no competition. Just raw honesty, with real emotions, souls and selves out there for the viewing. But authenticity protects us from the world’s clobbering competing, creates a safe place for hearts, whole or wounded. 

Lets us all just. be. {Click here to continue reading.}