The Siders House Rules is not one of those blogs that gives away free stuff all the time. I’m just not that kind of girl (yet, maybe?). 

But I’ve been doing this thing over at the 365 Dream Project every day for almost a month – and I have about 11 more months to go. Goodness. The deal is, I write a new dream for each day and post it there. It’s really incredible that day after day, they keep coming to me. I didn’t know that I could come up with all these ideas. 

Most of them are intangibles, like always having a glut of good ideas, swimming in creativity, nurturing love in my household, etc. Some have skin and latitude/longitude, like the dream about having another baby, or my longing to visit the ocean once a year until I’m dead. 

But I have 365 days here, and I’ve dreamed up so many of the things I want for myself and my little life already. I have lots more room to dream, of course, but I want to invite you in.

So here’s my giveaway, my invitation:
I invite you to share your dream with me, and I will place a post on the blog dedicated to your dream. You don’t have to share your name, but you can share your dream, your deepest, hugest longing that you’re afraid to ask or wish for. Come on, you know you have one. One you forgot about from childhood, maybe. Or one you just think isn’t for now because of the kids and the mortgage and the excuses you’ve created. 

For years, mine was a husband, children, India, writing. Some of these have come true; others wait in the wings. But they’re mine for the dreaming – and the doing has to start there. 

So be brave. Dream on with me. Dig out your biggest, most unwieldly, impossible dream, dust it off, and share it. As in, write it, whisper it, yell it, sing it. But get it to me some time during the months of August or September.  

Mini disclaimer: Rest assured, if you share your dream with me, you’re not giving it up. It’s not going to be mine. I’m just going to dream it with you, give a little more umph as it launches into the sky. 

This is going to be fun!

[Now for some legal-ish babble: I am not dreaming about just anything over here; I have standards: The Siders House Rules and all affiliates reserve the right to select only appropriate dream entries that align with SHR values. Inappropriate or otherwise invalid entries will not be considered. Thank you.]

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