Here are the week’s Favorites and Bests, back again by popular demand. As in, I thought it was fun last week so I demanded that I do it again. And who am I to say “No” to a good idea? So warm up a cup of soothing, delicious Jasmine tea, preferably the good stuff from Harney and Sons, (ooh, there’s a Favorite already) and have yourself a read.  

Best Facebook status from my friend, Ryan: “You know you teach in Revere [Massachusetts] when: 1) a student spells “career” as “careea” 2) when your teachers’ union meeting is held at the horse racing track.” 

Best DIY gift idea: For all of you born before 1995 (AKA aging hipsters) – you might appreciate this new use for the colorful, reliable and oh-so-not-floppy disk. If you’re still in a low(er) tax bracket but have a little spare time, consider this as a gift idea for friends. Floppy disk notebooks. Since you probably have no idea where to get floppy disks these days – I didn’t – you can get them cheap right here

[Best college kid gifts ever.]

Best DIY Christmas crafts for kids. ‘Tis the season for pine needle paper cuts, cotton ball angels and Elmer’s glue messes. Now, I don’t even like crafts that much. Scrapbooking is pretty much my least favorite thing ever, next to Sudoku, algebra and dusting. But I’m trying to raise a well-rounded kid over here, and he needs to excel in the liberal arts. So check these crafty kids ideas out – if they intimidate you, that means you’re normal, but at least it may inspire you to do something besides watch TV today.

Best leadership blog: When it comes to leading, serving, publishing, productivity and the like, it’s tough to compete with Michael Hyatt. He’s a knowledge sharer, not a hoarder. Learn to get published, live more efficiently and be a gosh-darn better person. Follow him on Facebook so his wisdom will show up in your news feed.

Best faces of men in love. How beautiful is this man’s expression? [Gasp!] I can feel the moment with him. Take a look at this face and at least 10 others, men seeing their brides for the first time. If you feel like crying for a good reason today, let this be the one. 

[Photo cred: found at]

Best undoubtedly true news. A recent report from North Korea states true, real-live unicorns – well, a unicorn grave – were found in North Korea. Of course we believe it since we already knew unicorns existed and everything. Only teensy problem is no one has actually verified the report. But other than that, I mean, I’d pretty much say it’s fact.

[Mythical? Please. I see one right here.]

Best way to make a huge difference with a small budget: World Vision created a way for you to purchase animals for needy villages across our world. I love this. I can buy a goat for $55, or here I can buy 13 small farm animals for only $101. Incredible!

Favorite medicine
Really? A favorite medicine? This list is starting to suck. No wait, come back! This is only a weekly Favorites and Bests so I’m sure it will be more interesting next week, but I was sick this week, and it was not fun. I was heavily drugged – all legal – but I’m going to credit Zicam, the zinc-ified citrus dissolving tablet, with making the journey from sickie to wellie a faster one. 

Most Intriguing Comeback – Okay, not a best, not a favorite, but I find myself returning to short video clips of Liz and Dick. I can’t help myself. A trainwreck? Maybe, but the similarities are there in an uncanny way. What do you do? I know we all remember Elizabeth Taylor as otherworldly and glamorous, but I think she had at least a little Lindsay Lohan in her. 

[Lindsay playing Liz or Lindsay playing Lindsay playing Liz? The world may never know.]

Favorite thing out of my price range: the Yogibo bean bags from the Daily Grommet. Seriously? Can it be cooler than this? Yes, it can, but this week, my brain is swimming with the possibilities of the silly fun John, Josh and I would have if one of these was in our possession. Hard to imagine spending upwards of $200 on a beanbag, right? But that turquoise bag is calling my name. Christmas list item? Maybe.

Least favorite game I don’t miss: POGS. Does anyone else remember these? This was the game I refused to play – among others – in my junior high class. I wonder why I had a hard time making friends. 

[Photo cred:]

And last but definitely not least: Best Advice I got this weekI emailed a mom blogger I’m a fan of – Lisa-Jo Baker from The Gypsy Mama – and asked her a big question. I wanted to know what I should do about my ferocious fear of success, which is really a fear of failure, which is probably really a fear of spiders, but I just can’t access it yet. Anyway, I asked her to reach into her soul and give me the wisest wisdom she had on the topic. Here’s her take-a-deep-breath, earthy response that surprised me in a good way: 

   “Hey there Sarah – yes I’m guessing most people in whatever business they’re in think    about that stuff. Mostly I just tune it out – both the success and any failure (perceived or real in both cases) 🙂: I take a deep breath and go and empty my dishwasher. It’s incredibly grounding. The perfect free therapy. 🙂  And if you can do it while on the phone with a great friend. Well, that’s even better! warm wishesLisa-Jo