A multi-media presentation of Favorites and Bests. 🙂 

Best blog/genius ideaStoryline by Donald Miller

Best blog post for writershttp://storylineblog.com/2012/11/29/how-great-writers-think/

Best advice for being a good conversationalist

Best advice about life from Mark Twain (a compilation):

Best Where Are They Now celeb : You just gotta see it to believe it. Hint: It’s Milton from Office Space. 

Books: Danny Silk’s new book Powerful and Free

Best news I got in a picture mail: a pic of a positive pregnancy test from a very good friend. Yippee! Hurray. The news isn’t public so no names are coming out of my mouth, but I’m super happy for you, friend. 🙂 

VideoBest argument for doing only one thing at a time. and the product here.

iPadThe Paper app for iPad. The lines are clean, pretty and effortless. These squiggles and scribbles were just test marks, but it feels like abstract art inside the app. I think I’m going to sell it to the Smithsonian. I bet they don’t have any art created by the iPad yet. I hope…

[Je suis un artiste.]

Online shoppingPretty scarves at Anthropologie.

Audio: The podcast of my recent message from our Controversy and Living the Restoration series. I preached on the pop belief that many roads lead to the same God and how to respond.