I’m not going to lie. Sometimes when I’m in self-pity mode, I wonder why more people don’t ask me how I do it. 

I am a hundred things to many people, or at least six things to hundreds of people. My weeks are planned before I even get to them. I don’t really do spontaneous anymore. Or I shouldn’t.

Me and then some. [Photo cred: http://www.heddalettuce.com]
At home, I am mom and wife. Which means I cook, clean, encourage, teach, shout, whisper, laugh, snuggle, tickle, entertain, chase, battle and bathe. 

At work, I am a calming voice in crisis. I am the motivator, the creative brain, the journalist. I am the fixer, the one with ideas, the marketing girl and flyer designer, the sleep expert, the one of loves moms and babies.

At church, I recruit, schedule, prop up and cheer on our Children’s Ministry and Women’s Leadership Programs, which developed frantically and messily out of my brain from sheer necessity. And sometimes I get to preach too while I’m on my way to getting my pastoral license.

At night, I am a writer, a blogger, an aspiring author and big-thinker. I am only in the beginning of finding my voice and learning what I am all about, but I’m traipsing down the path, discovering things. Learning to like myself. 

Maybe I’m just like any working mom, but it feels like I’m doing a lot. Like there is always so much going on. 

But no one asks how I do it. No one wonders how I balance it all.

I wonder if it’s because I’m kind of an obvious mess. When I talk to people after church, I’m in a hurry. And I’m chasing my son out of the corner of my eye. Maybe everyone can see that all the stuff that gets done is smashed together with as love and limited time. 

The anxiety of life has been getting to me lately. It’s like I used to be able to outrun the “too much” factor, but I am definitely slowing down. Or it’s speeding up. 

I want to be better, grow, stretch, expand. I want my writing to improve. I want to know God more, read more, fit back into my size 4s, get more time alone, get more time with friends, figure out how to teach and nourish my child’s mind and soul, have another child biologically and adopt, encourage my husband, write a book, be brave and pray for more sick people for healing, finally get to India and power up some rockstar kids and women’s programs at church. 

But I only have 168 hours a week. 

I’m trying to do it all, and I’m not doing any of it that well. I have great intentions. I really do care about people. I crawl into their shoes fast. 

But sometimes I care too much. And my priorities tilt against my sanity. I forget how to take care of myself, to value the voice of God and quiet with my family, to stop the spinning and sit in the silence for a few minutes. I lose sight of what I want on my tombstone: “She loved well”. 

I just want to put it out there that I’m doing a lot, but at the end of the day, what I really want is to love. To love God, my family and the people I’m with. So when I’m talking really fast and when I tell you have a new idea for a website or a new book idea, just know I’m on my way over here, learning to love. 

You can remind me of what really matters if you want, but I promise my soul will bring me back to it. Remember to love. Love is the point.

And this is how I’m doing it, in this messy, “me” way. 

If you’re feeling sloppy and slow, like you know where you want to go but you’re so far away, there’s grace for you too. God’s not in a hurry so let’s not be either. 

Let’s just keep looking at Jesus, talking to him, and getting his feedback on this life. He’s so kind, encouraging and gentle. He’s not going to rub your nose in your failure. And neither will I. 

Let’s be nice to each other as we figure it out. 

One thought on “How Does She (Not) Do It?

  1. Sarah, I simply adore you! And while I may never have asked you, "Just how DO you do it?!" I have certainly wondered and wished on many occasions that I was more able to handle so much with the same gracefulness that you do – while still managing to stay sane, and kind, and loving. Seriously, I've be searching for advice on this subject a LOT lately, so thanks for sharing some of your secrets for doing (or not doing) it all! I'm learning, but I still have an awfully long way to go in this department. And there's always more and more I both want and have to do! So whenever you feel like it's just too much to handle, you should call me and we can encourage each other. Miss you! If ever you should actually have some spare time (I know, I just cracked up laughing too!) we should really catch up :DRemember that you are a blessing and a beautiful example in the lives of so many! And always remember that you are loved.


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