Everyone always talks about how toddler years are so hard. And I feel it. But there are so many precious, wonderful, adorable things that happen now, things that will end and never happen again: the way they’re learning to talk, their tiny voices, the way they extract joy from the simplest experiences. There is so much to love. So in honor of the Love Month, I’m picking 50 of my favorite things about my toddler. Enjoy!

  1. You have giant, squishy cheeks
  2. Your main job in the world is to play
  3. You laugh at everything
  4. You don’t judge me
  5. You give slobbery kisses
  6. You are still small enough to pick up if you are having a tantrum
  7. You have baby soft skin 
  8. You are turning into a little boy
  9. You approach the world with an enormous, contagious wonder
  10. You want to try out everything 
  11. You are still learning to talk and it’s so cute
  12. You are getting smarter by the day
  13. You think cars and trucks are awesome and you shout them out when you see them
  14. You think I’m hilarious
  15. You don’t make fun of my dancing
  16. You don’t have personal space 
  17. You forget really easily 
  18. You are easily distracted from bad behavior
  19. You sleep 10 hours a night and take a 2-hour nap
  20. You’re starting to become a little person
  21. You’re still kind of a baby 
  22. You let me read you bedtime stories
  23. You still drink out of a sippy cup 
  24. You still sleep in a crib – but you can climb out
  25. You have the best giggle and it always makes me laugh 
  26. You wear big boy underwear with superheroes on it
  27. You don’t think my breath stinks in the morning
  28. You like cuddling 
  29. You love people 
  30. Your haircut is terribly cute 
  31. You are so good-looking, I can’t stop staring at you 
  32. You say “Hi” the cutest way possible
  33. You love being the center of attention 
  34. You are great with people 
  35. You are really fun to be around  
  36. You’re hungry to learn
  37. You’re curious
  38. You’re a great dancer
  39. You always forgive me, even when I don’t ask
  40. You are sad when I leave
  41. You are happy when I come home
  42. You blow kisses to anyone, except strange, weird people
  43. You love play and being happy
  44. You got the best of me and Josh
  45. You make sweatpants look adorable
  46. You think life is awesome
  47. You don’t have shame about anything
  48. You don’t live with regret
  49. You like yourself, the dog, your mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas, and all the other important people
  50. You know how to make other people happy 

2 thoughts on “You’re Two and I Love It: 50 favorite things about my toddler

  1. LOVE this post! Yes the toddler years are hard and can make any sane person feel like they bare totally losing it. But just last night I was looking through pictures and realized that in 2 months I will have a 3 year old. I got teary eyed and remembered all the times I wished Sarah was just a little bigger, older, more self sufficient. And what do you know, it went and happened. And yes I know that three isn't old by any means, but I still wonder where my baby from yesterday went. And how has three years really flashed by that quickly.


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