It’s been almost 6 years since I discovered Joshua Siders wasn’t like any other man I’d ever been with. It was some day in May 2007 when he made me laugh, had an answer for every snarky remark I threw him, and I knew: I met my match. 

Since then, we got married, bought a house and a puppy, grew a baby and a planted a church. We’ve been through a million rough things together, along with all the good moments, but I wouldn’t trade any of them because in tough times, I saw his strength, tenacity and love shine through. Here are just a few things I love more and more about Josh Siders:

In 2008, marriage day, in love {photo cred: saratafoyaphotography}

1. You give the best hugs
2. You still take me out for dates
3. Your laugh when you play with John is so comforting
4. You love to make me happy
5. You have a mystical ability to run a church
6. You can cook 
7. You do laundry
8. You fix broken things around the house
9. You’re an intuitive counselor, even without formal training
10. You’re an efficient time manager
11. You have big vision and,
12. You know how to take the small steps to make it happen
13. You are compassionate, but
14. You know when to lay down the law and you’re not afraid of conflict
15. You know how to teach, preach and you care deeply that your people are engaged
16. You know what people need
17. You see the potential in people and want them to live up to it
18. You never forget important dates
19. You still say “I love you”
20. You are an incredible parent
21. You do things most dads (wouldn’t or couldn’t) do
22. You respect me as a woman and want to help extract every ounce of my calling
23. You believe in me
24. You think I’m smart and funny and you tell me
25. You are willing to serve in unseen ways
26. You can teach yourself almost anything
27. You persistently look for “the issue behind the issue”
28. You offer wisdom to anyone who will take it
29. You want to leave a legacy in our family and church
30. You know your life and calling aren’t all about you
31. You love to see others succeed
32. You take good care of your stuff, even though it’s only stuff
33. You are a pretty basic guy
34. You have good fashion sense
35. You always know how to make me laugh (unless I’m in labor)
36. You never judge me
37. You are willing to let me and others fail but won’t leave us to figure it out alone
38. You are really good at playing with John 
39. You know how to have a good time, and you know how to get down to business
40. You say “Sorry” if you’re wrong
41. You love Jesus and it’s evident in how you love others 
42. You smell good. (No really, that’s something I like because not everyone does.)
43. You are patient, even when I’m not
44. You are so, so, so consistent
45. You don’t give up on people 
46. You forgive without holding back
47. You know how love me and John so well
48. You like me because of, and in spite of, all my idiosyncrasies
49. You are real
50. You are my favorite

2013, family picture day, still very much in love. and more so. 

What are your favorite things about your favorite people? Write them down and tell them. We all need a little encouragement, and why not take the month of Love to do it?

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