This is day two of our celebration of love. I’m calling it Crazy For Love week. A little reminder to me and to all of us to love the ones we love.

Let me introduce Chris and Stephanie:

Chris sent in a few pictures of him and Stephanie through the years. You can tell they grew up, but then, they still look the same. Some very good genes you both have. 
A very young Chris and Stephanie on their wedding day

Chris and Steph and their two darling girls, Zoe and Eden

Here’s what Chris had to say about Stephanie:

“One of the many things I love about my wife is her ability to accomplish anything she desires. Most people think she is shy and reserved, which she normally is, but she is extremely intelligent and can work through any problem or fear or concern until the job is complete. She and others might be surprised by it, but I never doubt her. 

Oh ya, and she is an amazing cook. That can never hurt.”

Bravo! You have to love this kind of support from a husband. Thanks, Chris. You’re obviously an incredible husband. And your daughters are adorable too. But, you already know that. 😉

{Stay tuned for more Crazy For Love stories all week long}

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