This is our third installment in the week-long Crazy For Love series. So much love, and we’re not even half-way done. Valentine’s Day is two days away. Plan something lovely for the ones you love. Don’t take for granted how special they are to you.

Now without further ado, let me introduce to you: Faith and Joe
This story was sent in by Faith:

“I love Joe because he has been through everything with me and has stuck with me when every other guy I know would’ve left in a heartbeat. 

We’ve both endured difficulties in our lives but we’ve always come back to each other. We grew up through many transitions and saw each other grow up through high school and to college. 

We both have committed ourselves to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and help each other grow in faith and love every day.”

{Stay tuned for daily Crazy For Love stories all week in celebration of Valentine’s Day}