{Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone}
Today is Day 5 of 7 in our Crazy for Love series.

I chose this Crazy For Love submission from Deb for Valentine’s Day because I think this couple is an excellent example of what it means to love each other for life. And not just that. They let their love overflow into the lives of others. Many of my friends and I have benefited from Tom and Deb’s fun-loving, playful, God-centered relationship. 

Let me introduce to you: Tom and Deb

Here’s what Deb has to say about what she loves about Tom:

“We will have been married for 33 years in May and are still very best friends. We finish each other’s sentences or often don’t even need to talk because we know what each other is thinking. We are living out the One-ness of marriage and act as a unit in all that we do. God blessed us with each other and He knew exactly what He was doing! All His ways are good!”

Let’s take that little bite of wisdom from their story and let it become our own. Thanks, Deb.

{Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the love stops tomorrow. Two more days of Crazy For Love stories coming your way. And then, we get to keep the Crazy Love on all year.}