Today is our last day of the Crazy For Love series. It’s a story sent in by Lindsey, mom of two littles and the wife of Ryan. She lives her dream out at Beyond Motherhood, recording the moments of parenting two kids less than two years apart. I admit I don’t know how she does it. 
She wanted to share a few of the things she loves about her family, and she couldn’t pick just one of them. Read on for Lindsey’s list of things she loves:


“These are the ones I love. My first and true love, Ryan. The patient man whose calm strength guides our family.  The little people who run wild with big smiles and never ending energy.

Our daughter Sarah, who is full of curiosity, spunk, and a healthy dose of drama. 

Our little guy Andrew, whose smile can light up a room and who is a source of laughter and joy. 

This is my family. When I look into their eyes, I see purpose, futures, potential, and lots of love!”

This concludes our wild week of Crazy For Love stories
Thanks for reading. It’s been so wonderful to hear from readers who have lives full of love, hasn’t it? And it’s been a great reminder to me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of my favorite people. I hope you’ve benefited from the stories as well.

Now it’s our turn to be Crazy For Love, not just once a year or around the holidays, in everything, and especially in the small things. 
Let’s live lives full, enjoying and soaking up the precious moments with our favorites. 
Soak them up, everyone. Soak them up.

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