It’s been about 27 months since I had a baby. (Can I still count that in months?) Within weeks after birth, I was that annoying girl, back in my old everything. Skinny again and proud of it. My tummy wasn’t toned, but since it wasn’t protruding or hanging out or acting otherwise inappropriate, I didn’t notice.

Yea, annoying, isn't it? Even I'm rolling my eyes now.
Yea, annoying, isn’t it? Even I’m rolling my eyes now.

Then came turning 30, and a metabolism that dragged its feet. And more responsibilities and stress and a few skipped months at the chiropractor. And suddenly, I gained at least ten pounds. It just kept coming. The untoned tummy began behaving badly, forming a tire ring around my middle, perching rebelliously at the top of my jeans like an unruly teenager.

I went back to the chiropractor and got it under control, but the weight never left.

I know what you’re thinking. Why is she whining? She could just work out and stop drinking soda and eating all that candy. And you are so right. I could. But I don’t like working out in suboptimal climate conditions, nor do I enjoy giving up candy. I actually do enjoy running when I am in shape, but at the moment, I am not. And all I can think about when I think of running is the weight of my feet as I attempt to lift them, one before the other, in some semblance of a fluid motion. It’s called jogging. (Or maybe it’s a soft “j”. Yogging? 😀

Either way, working out is not happening. At least not right now when the weather has a mental health disorder, changing its mind every day.

But maybe there is a better solution. I was doing my usual surfing on the internet the other day and discovered a post-partum ritual called “belly binding”. It’s quite elegant, except that the traditional version (shown below) seems to be a bit awkward under most clothing. But the concept is simple and intuitive. The cloth is used to firmly bind a women’s abdomen for several hours a day to aid posture, reduce air and aid in flow of fluid out of the body, and it also assists the skin in returning to its natural shape.

Brilliant! Being the type who would rather wear an awkward piece of equipment for 10 hours a day than sweat for 30 minutes, I researched a bit more. It turns out there are several different brands of belly binds or wraps, ranging from a traditional style, as shown below, to ones that more closely resemble Spanx or other body shapers.

Belly binding


The encouraging part is these wraps, shapers or binds are not only for newly post-partum women. From what I read, they work best when you’re still fresh from pregnancy, but anyone can benefit from the posture assistance and the reshaping of the abdomen. I am hoping to try one out soon, probably the Squeem as it seems to be moderately priced and seems to be most smooth under clothes.

Price averages range from $45-60, or higher. But highest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality. Read reviews for yourself. I’m still deciding…. Here are a few of the most common brands I found in my research:

Brooke Burke’s Taut

The Squeem wrap

Belly Bandit

The Cinch

Traditional Belly Wrap Beng Kung

As I said, I still don’t have one, mostly because when spending more than $20 for a technically unnecessary clothing item, I always feel I need to justify the purchase.

I’m curious to know your experience. Have you used a belly wrap like this before? If so, how did it work for you? If not, what would prevent you from trying it, short of the perfect body and genetics? In that case, lucky you. 🙂



8 thoughts on “I want my old tummy back, please.

    1. Really? Never guess from your pictures. That’s a good thing. I should’ve posted “I want my old body and everything else back” but then, I would have to trade out the kid and the husband. And I want to keep them. The price I pay for hating exercise, I think.


      1. I always take head shots hehehe. My little is about the same age as yours and I still have a bit of a tummy :(. I think you’re right. I just wish it was easier to shed the last few pounds though :S oh and keep them off.


  1. OK — I am learning about wraps for the belly in the pregnancy and postpartum. My preceptor has been trained by a Mayan abdominal massage teacher, and she recommends it frequently. She just takes a strip of fabric (like a sturdy scarf, one of the scarves that are popular now, a little longer and a little wider) and wraps it around the belly however it feels good. You can tuck the ends in, or you can tie them in a knot. No need to spend lots of money, although that picture above is SOOO pretty!! Belly binding has a LOT of benefits!


    1. Thanks for the info, manhattandoula. I love the fact that I can just use a scarf, of which I have many, to achieve the same results. I’ve been using my Belly Band from pregnancy the past few days just to give me so extra shape, and that’s been good too.


  2. My baby turned 3 over summer and I just heard about belly-binding today. Obviously since I’m looking for the same answers as you I can’t respond to your posted questions. However I’m curious if you’ve had any luck with the endeavor.


    1. Thanks for reading. Quite honestly, I didn’t have the discipline to wear the binds every day. The thing that got rid of my belly fat was actually a change in diet. I significantly decreased processed carbs and sugar in my diet and added in more veggies and fruit. I dropped almost ten pounds from my midsection in about 2 weeks. It was crazy successful. A hard discipline, but wearing the bind is hard too. I am pregnant again and will probably do it right after baby instead of waiting like last time, but there’s nothing like diet.


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