I am crazy…

Because I believe one person makes a difference.

It makes a difference if they do their thing or not, whether they give who they are to the world.

How do I know? My husband is one person. I only have one of him.

My son is only one person. He makes a difference to me.

I will never forget the person who came up to me at the farmer’s market. I was six months pregnant in my long, grassy skirt. She told me I looked beautiful.

I will never forget that my dad always told me to be a writer. And it took me nearly 30 years to believe him. He was only one person.

I will never forget the total stranger on the plane in 2005 who told me God wants me to stop trying to control everything in my life, to relax a little. He was only one person.

I will never forget my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson, who taught me the world is full of rare, delicate wonders and things to be amazed at.

See, only one person. In our lives for only a plane ride, a year or a lifetime. And yet making a difference, changing the course of a life. Incredible, isn’t it?

But if we believe we matter, we live differently. We live on purpose. We look out for others. Look for opportunities to lift their trajectory.

Believe you matter. Even though you’re only one person. Because that’s all it takes.