How come I do not know how to be a mom?

How come there is not a book that describes motherhood for my personality and lifestyle?

How come there is not a drug to calm me down?

How come there are not enough hours in a day?

How come there is guilt no matter what?

How come I judge all the moms, and they judge me, but we all feel inadequate?

How come I yell when I am thinking, “Why are you yelling? He’s only two”?

How come I want to be better at this, but I’m not?

How come I feel like a babysitter some days?

How come I am terrified to traumatize or alienate my child, but it’s my fear and self-loathing that drive me right toward what I aim to avoid?

How come I want to be a mom once, twice, many times over, and yet I’m so exhausted?

I finally found someone who understands me. This video is hilarious. I feel better now.