If you want to do something grand yet peculiar with your life, if you want to be something enormous, colorful and wild, but you can’t seem to think of anyone else who has done this before, well you’re probably right.

No one has ever been you before.

So the thing in your head that you want to do, the gigantic YOU you’ll be when you grow up, it’s never existed before.

So don’t use the patterns and the people who’ve been here to tell you how to live. They only point to what’s possible. But you can live a story all your own. You can choose your own adventure.

That song you’re singing right now, it’s never been sung just that way, at that time, with those people, on that instrument. It’s never happened before. YOU have never happened before. Everything you will do is new.

This age of the world has never existed before. This culture, this society, this technology, it’s all new. So never for a moment will you need old, recycled stories or the limitations of the generations to tell you what you cannot be.

They only hint at what is possible.

[photo cred: favim.com]

So go ahead and imagine, dream, hope and build your faith of who God made you to be.

Believe me, God’s not shrinking down his hopes for you. His dreams for you are infinite. Let yours be too.