After a one-two punch of sickness around here (hormonal migraines and sinus infection), I am going back to my homeopathic/holistic roots for answers to healing and nutrition.

I am so done with being sick. Yuck!

Spirit of Health in Kansas City has proven to be an incredible resource for recipes, teaching videos on health, as well as a Biblical perspective on holistic healing. I’m looking forward to mining out everything they have to offer. Stop by and see their site for yourself. I can’t believe they’re giving away all this teaching and information for free. Their video library alone will impress you.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love spices, and I’ve been using them a lot with my cooking and baking. Curry is a favorite of mine. And tonight I finally made my own curry paste, a variation of this recipe. It’s sweeter than I expected.

That’s one thing I love about curry. It’s different every time. That’s also something I dislike about curry since it’s hard to get just the right recipe and be able to duplicate it. But I’m just a beginner.

Also featured in my diet is a new addition: quinoa. My mom started eating this “superfood” months ago and told me about it, but I didn’t think much of it until another friend of mine told me about all it’s health benefits.

It’s a funny little protein (seed) that acts like a grain. It has a couscous-like texture to it,  just so you have a frame of reference. It’s very bland by itself, but that just means you can dress it up. Which I did.

I added my curry paste to the cooked quinoa, and it was delish!


The crazy looking green stuff is baked kale. It’s hard to imagine an easier recipe than this. I never eat kale, I mean, ever, and I’m not sure my experience tonight has converted me. It’s a really unique flavor. I added lemon juice instead of lemon zest, as the recipe calls for, so it’s got a tart, almost vinegary flavor. I still have more kale so I may experiment with the suggested variations.

I have to say, I thought all this cooking-my-own-stuff would be harder. I’ve never actually made my own curry paste before. It always seemed so time-consuming. But it didn’t take long at all, and it was fun to play with the recipe, even though I was missing a few ingredients.

And now for my newest fashion statement, which is old to everyone else, but I’m finally catching on: chambray!

In my defense, I’ve been searching for a chambray shirt in this small town for weeks, and I never made it to the right store. My quinoa-eating pal, Megan, scouted one for me this week and picked it up. At PacSun, of all places. I never shop there.

I absolutely love chambray because, like quinoa and curry, it has a million possibilities. See a few looks from Lookbook I discovered. My look today was similar to this first one. I saw the picture of this girl and thought, “Hey, that looks like me.”

And then I remembered I have short hair. It’s been almost two years since I chopped the 20 inches, but I still feel like a long-haired dame. Growing it out takes so-forever, eh?







Anyways…I have yet to try the other two looks. And there are SO MANY MORE. Anything without short shorts and you count me in. I will need a solid fitness routine before I do anything like that. Well, I guess there’s always leggings or tights.


I love fashion right now. It’s so crazy.




So here’s to variety in food and fashion, to new tastes, sights and sounds. And most of all, here’s to health and happiness. I think they are close by for me. 🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend. And let me know if you’ve tried these recipes – or these outfits – and tell me what you think. 

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