I was introduced to Sam Burchfield at a wedding reception in Atlanta Saturday night. Literally introduced. Shook his hand and everything.

But not until after I heard him and his band conform voice and styling to match a million songs and sounds. I couldn’t believe his versatility and talent.

I approached him afterward just to make sure he wasn’t only singing weddings. That would be a waste. Fortunately, he wasn’t. He and his band mates all had individual projects. I wanted to share a few of his songs with you, and I can only imagine you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

Keep an eye out for Sam Burchfield. Self-described as “crossing genres of folk, soul, blues, and funk with an exciting live show”, Sam’s charisma engages so well because he loves what he is doing. He will have a full-length album out soon. But for now, here are a few sounds to keep us going.

Hear it all right here.

Or check out this live performance video of a porch session.