I discovered this week’s up-and-coming musician feature, Connor Pledger, after connecting with Philip Scheidt, a diversely talented bass player, last weekend. [Philip is a strikingly gifted musician in his own right, but profoundly humble as he serves the musicians he plays with. He really impressed me. Check out his musical contributions here. You will not be disappointed.]

Connor has a fabulously rich, scratchy voice beyond his years, surprising to hear when you see his youthful face. You just don’t see it coming. I love that in a musician.

So here’s Connor’s song, Take Me Back, a soulful, playful diddy about the good old days we all squint to see over our shoulders, the days when adult responsibilities didn’t feel so heavy. Or maybe that’s just my interpretation. [Philip played bass on this recording, which is featured on his site.]

Anyway, this song has been on repeat over here at my place, complete with swaying and finger snapping in the kitchen. I think you’ll like it. And Connor too.

Be sure to check out his albums. His bluesy style is a fresh and welcome change.