Meet American music school reject, Kate Simko, electronic music producer, composer and DJ. Fortunately for her, and the music world, London accepted her and her electronic music as legitimate, not some synthetic impostor.

It might appear that Kate is some pretentious musical elitist who planned on moving to Europe anyway because it’s cooler, but under the guise that American musical education rejected her. But I don’t get that feeling from Kate’s music testimony told by The Independent.

Kate is every bit a composer like her peers, especially with her background in classical composition, but she’s not working with the usual musical tools. She is a pioneer, yet she does what everyone else does, builds her music layer by layer, piece by piece. But it requires a new kind of intelligence to do it her way. To create what she creates.

I haven’t featured electronic music here, although I’ve been fascinated by it since my high school rave days. My favorite part is listening for how the music is layered, its flavors and complexities, how it develops, how it morphs and flows. Electronic music does things that typical musical instruments cannot do, and it feels infinite somehow. So I think it’s time we branch out and experiment with some experimental music. So here we go.

Here is Kate’s song, Strumm, with some beautiful use of strings, as the title suggests. It’s more ambient than some of her other music I’ve heard, but I like the variety. Sit back and enjoy this one.

Here is a big, huge library of Kate’s music, if you’re just getting your ears wet.

And in case you’re in a music-nerdy mood and you’re wondering about electronic music creation, here is Kate teaching about mixing for Logic Pro MasterClass at Point Blank Music School in London. (Spoiler alert: cooler English accents.)