During my recent efforts to partner with God and see the sick healed, I’ve noticed a tragic pattern in my own life. Much like those I pray for, I’ve allowed sickness and poor health to inhabit my life.

In this, I made a painful discovery. Even if I pray for someone and they are healed, they have to stay well. And this right here is the biggest problem.

I can pray for stomach pain to leave, and it probably will, but then, the person has to care for their body in such a way that stomach pain is not a regular occurrence.

I’ve prayed for migraines that have been instantly cured. Awesome! But with poor diet, the person could potentially get another one the next day.

I’m not saying God isn’t powerful enough to cure a person of an illness completely. Obviously we know of people who are healed of cancer and tumors, never to return again; or broken bones completely restored like new. Incredible stories.

But it’s the upkeep of the body that God doesn’t want us to neglect. He loves our body and he’s designed it heal itself. But our diet and lifestyles in the United States are not conducive to health.

Even though it’s considered a little “out there” in our medicine-saturated culture to pray for sick people, we need it as badly as any developing nation. We are what Dr. Lindsey Duncan calls “the walking wounded”, people living lives with extremely debilitating illnesses, and yet we change nothing. We just accept it.

We see our family members go through it, and we assume it’s normal. We put sickness on the calendar for age 50, or 60, like it’s inevitable, and we just wait for it. We never think it could be preventable.

I’ll admit. I’ve been having a great time seeing God heal people. It’s crazy stuff. I say a few words, and the person will often report a burning or heat or tingling in the body part we prayed for. Sometimes there’s no sensation. But often, there is healing. Pain = gone.

I pray for co-workers, friends, patients, even strangers. Not often do I pray for strangers, but I’m opening up to it. Anyway, I pray, ask, believe and God heals. And it is so fun to see people’s expressions on their face when they are shocked that their pain has left their body. What a moment! And the goal is to help them see God healed them. He loves the way he made their bodies, he loves health and he loves them.

Instant healing is a powerful testimony of God’s love and strength. 

But despite this, I would love it if we were healthy. What if I didn’t have to pray for people because they were already well? What if I just prayed for bug bites or sunburns or the occasional broken body part? That would be awesome. Instead, it’s all this wear and tear caused primarily by poor self-care.

And we act as if there are no options.

I’ve realized that being a healthy person requires healthy choices. It (often, not always) requires maturity. At least, that’s my story. I’ve not been mature enough to take care of myself well, and so I’ve been sick a lot.

But I realized I could choose health, and so I did. I read, I watch videos, I experiment with new foods, and I make the sacrifices of taking out “bad” foods and adding in “good” ones.

I’m not perfect. I still eat too much sugar and too many carbs. But I’m changing slowly, adding in the good, as a friend of mine counseled me to do. And it’s paying off.

In a couple days, I will feature more on this topic by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, the naturopath I referenced earlier. I found his TEDx talk quite enlightening and inspiring. I will give you some of the notes from the talk so you don’t have to watch, if you don’t want, but it’s worth your time if you’re in the pursuit of health.

You will also be seeing more from me on the topic of nutrition. Probably some recipes for food, or scrubs, or little health tips I’ve learned provide this cure or that. I’m in the discovery stage right now. Here are a few “crazy hippy” things I’ve been doing:

  • Experimenting with essential oils for a plethora of uses
  • Drinking twice the water I was drinking before (probably about 70-80 ounces a day)
  • Using grapeseed and coconut oil for everything from sunscreen to skin care to cooking
  • Pasteurizing raw goat’s milk from a local farm
  • Trying to include more fermented foods (kombucha, kefir) in my diet
  • Giving John probiotics in his milk
  • Using Stevia in a few different recipes 
  • Taking Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic,
  • Making my own bone broth soup, and
  • Figuring out how to add more whole, natural foods in place of processed carbs. 

I plan to share my recipes with you as I learn ones that work for us. But I don’t have too many yet. I’m still learning.

It’s hard. I’m not a planner or a hard worker by nature, to be honest. This all takes such intentionality. It certainly does not just happen. But the reward is noticeable, and it seems to be worth it. Maybe it’s not. And if it’s not, I will tell you. But I suspect it is, and I’m going to do the experiment.

So here’s to health and the experimenting toward wellness.

I’d love to hear about your miracle cures or holistic treatments you love. Share them below.