[Note to readers, visitors and all curious holistic types: I am not selling anything on this site. There are no items to buy. I just believe these things. This is my story, my health evolution in progress. Thanks for reading and learning along with me.]

On Wednesday, I mentioned the pandemic acceptance of illness and disease in our culture, especially with the ease of access to medicine and medical procedures, all of which we consider normal.

We simply do not question illness. And we do not question the prescriptions and advice of our doctors. We never seem to notice that they are only treating our symptoms: “When you have acid reflux, take this pill.” “When you start to get a migraine, take this triptan.”

But I’ve been longing for answers to my real questions: “But why? Why am I sick? Why do I have migraines? What causes the sickness? I don’t want to just treat symptoms anymore.”

I got no answers. Until I discovered naturopathy and learning to heal the body from the inside out. Since then, I’ve been motivated to make changes, mostly small, but already with significant impact.

I am certainly not claiming overnight results. My process is belabored and slow. Old habits die hard, but I am motivated by my progress. I am seeing it. I am seeing health arrive. I am turning a corner. I am ready to be responsible enough to take care of myself, instead of relying on sick days, doctor visits and over-the-counter medication to treat the symptoms and give me a day of self-care, which has been my lot for nearly a decade.

In the video below, Naturopath Dr. Lindsey Duncan addresses the current status quo of accepting illness and sickness in our lives. His information on true health, as well as the tips he offers, are beneficial for anyone who is curious or just getting started on the journey of health.

He urges we’ve accepted the toxins in our food, the gunk in our air and land environments and the chronic illness that result. We feel it’s normal to be tired and worn down and sick more than we’ve been in recent history.

Dr. Duncan argues that the barrier to health and whole living is not what we’ve assumed, which is merely a natural digression of health over time. It’s because we’ve accepted our diets and the resulting maladies which result.

Here are a few general suggestions Dr. Duncan offers to clean up your diet and transform your life. My favorite tip is the simple wisdom that this change doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t. As I said a few days ago, it’s better to add in the good. It will crowd out the bad.

  • Learn your family’s health history, what we’ve inherited. Know your weakest organs.
  • Learn about your own organs, their location and function.
  • We are not what we eat. We are what we choose to eat, what we digest, absorb and assimilate. We become what we do not eliminate. 
  • Find out what the seven classes of nutrients so you can feed your body appropriately. We’re eating an empty harvest and it won’t nourish your body. 
  • Follow holistic living: inversion posture, yoga, remove dead skin, fast occasionally
  • Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight; do it slowly. You can undo forty years of wrong life choices in 40 days. It’s a slow process, but that produces lasting change.

And if you’d simply rather watch, rather than read, here is his 15-minute TEDx talk from 2011.