Had fun watching this week’s featured band, The Strypes, rock out this weekend. Sure they live in Ireland. But the video, shot beautifully in black and white to match their 1960’s sound, gives you the feeling you’re right in the rock-infused chaos, jamming out in angsty black right alongside them. In someone’s garage, perhaps.

These fellows are younger than they sound. Incredible talent, and especially for their ages so it is no wonder we could be misled.

Watch the video, guess how old you think they are, then scroll down to see their ages. No cheating.

Enjoy this upbeat, playful song from all the way across the sea. And look out for these boys to make it big some day.

Answer: All members of the band are between 14 and 16! Isn’t that amazing? I like them even more knowing that. If you want to read more about these precocious prodigies, here is an article from The Guardian featuring the band.

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