I’ve been threatening my friends I would start running again for months now. All year, the weather has been cantankerous and volatile for months, and summer just wouldn’t start. Until now. I was running out of excuses.

In my girls’ group, we’ve talking about the story of our lives and how to move towards our ambitions and purpose with momentum, rather than stalling out and wasting our lives. Ultimately, we are working out together how to live a better story.

Donald Miller, in his Storyline workbook, calls these actions “Inciting Incidents” because they are controlled by you and me, and they move us further toward our dreams, our climatic moments.

Goals and vision are essential for me when I’m trying to change my routine. I just don’t wake up awesome, fulfilled and successful every day, believe it or not. I have to work and fail and try. And when I don’t make or follow through with my plans, when I don’t get accountability from friends and life veterans, I feel pretty bad.

I just plain live bad.

And that’s been true for months now. I’ve been bogged down in details and coordinating projects I didn’t love, and it sucked the life out of me. I got disconnected from God and myself and other people, and that always makes it hard to love myself, God and others well. Which is what I want most from my life.

So I started inciting some incidents, which I will write more on later. But one of my goals, although I was too chicken to write it down and commit, was being in shape instead of whining about not being in shape. Annoying, right?

So I did it! I signed up for a race this summer, and got a friend to run with me. She’s already in shape – meh. :/

So now I have two kinds of accountability because there’s a date on the calendar and a friend to run with me. And the date of the race serves as a goal as well, along with fitting back into the smaller, more fit half of my wardrobe.

I can’t wait for that.

Because I am a sharing junkie, I am posting my training plan for the race I’m running. I got this one from Hal Higdon, the much beloved running coach. (And did you know he is also an artist? I had no idea. Quite talented.) I have fond memories of Hal and his training programs from at least one other race I’ve run.

This will be the second longest race I’ve done. (The longest was a 10k/6.2 miles.) This one is just five miles. So for me, this is my “Couch to 5-mile Program”.


I will post updates every so often on my progress. But if I whiff and mess around and never start training, you can be sure you’ll hear about that too. I’m more honest than determined, probably.