There’s nothing like that perfect slouchy feeling you get in the right pair of totally wrecked boyfriend shorts. The slouchier, the “boyfriend-er” they get. (Since I’m married, should I call them “Husband shorts?” Just don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.)

This pair rocks so much slouch, they’re called the “ex-boyfriend”.

Of course, you can’t have them falling off you. Butt cracks are not cute. Hiking up your drawers every few minutes is just a hassle.

And then, if you’re my age, there’s the neurotic task of locating where your cellulite wrinkles kick in, and cutting your shorts just below that line. Or just cut them long and roll them carefully up to “the line”.

As you can see, boyfriend shorts are not for amateurs. Unless you are still 13, and you don’t have a cellulite at all.

I have a few pairs of denim shorts at various lengths, mostly a modest Bermuda style, which is fine. There are lots of ways to glam this up, which I’m discovering just researching for this post. But I usually just wear them with a tanktop. Kind of androgynous, I know.

See how Rihanna adds a blazer and pretty much insta-glam.

So I’ve been experimenting with the boyfriend style recently.

However, I ran into a problem. My goal with the shorter boyfriend jean shorts is baggy, with a little give in the thigh at the hem. But the mainstream jean fashion is skinny, so I don’t have a pair of these jeans hanging around. So when I cut them off, they’re glued to my thighs. Not exactly the slouch I was hoping for.

So if our skinny jeans don’t make good boyfriend cutoffs, whatever shall we do, girls?

We may have to go to the trouble of buying new jeans, slouchy-sized. But I would rather not.

Or we can buy pre-distressed, pre-cut boyfriend shorts. Again, not cool. Cause they did all the work for us. Which can certainly be part of the fun.

Probably the best bet is to head to the thrift store, sift through the wider leg styles and venture into the men’s area, if needed. I’m guessing here, but I think the men’s section is more likely to offer a straighter and/or wider leg that will give the extra room for rolling the hem.

I really want to try these out this year, a really slouchy pair I can wear with everything. And I don’t want to spend a lot of money. [This is pretty much how I felt about chambray earlier this year. And I finally found the exact shirt I wanted. Proof that obsessing about a trend will eventually get you what you want. Or something like that. :)]

So here’s to slouchy shorts for all of us (that want them), and a summer that’s just warm enough to need them. 

Got tips on creating the perfect boyfriend shorts? Tell me what you did. I need advice.