This week’s new music feature is a long time coming. I’ve seen The Blackbird Revue play quite a few shows over the past five years, since they formed their current configuration of the now husband and wife duo, Jacob and Danielle Prestidge.

Not all musicians can play a show that matches the pleasure and sound of their recorded studio albums, but remarkably, their live shows only further reveal the incredible talent of these musicians. Both Jacob and Danielle will surprise you with the beauty of their voices and the spectrum of range they can both cover. And I have never seen musicians play such a wide variety of instruments live. They are skilled in so many ways.

And their haunting sound will give you chills. Real, crawl-up-your-arms goosebumps.

To be honest, listening to their most recent EP album, Glow, the title track brought me right to tears. And music doesn’t often make me cry. But they touch a nerve almost every time, whispering and intimate in their music, yet loaded with power.

Another thing that strikes me about this band is their ability to write stories in their music, and to tackle sadness and melancholic history with such elegance and eloquence.

And yet this duo is far from brooding in their overall presentation and style. The topics they broach in their work are many, often discussing tragedy or conflict, but they maintain a levity through their sheer love of music and playing together.

If you’re in the Midwest, I would strongly encourage you to see them play live. Many of their shows are in the Kansas City area. You can see a listing of their upcoming dates on their website.

If you can’t see them play live, you can still watch and hear them here.

If you love skillfully played and artfully written folk and Americana music, you will thoroughly enjoy The Blackbird Revue. A short listen, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard of them.


Here is a video of their song, Grain and Roses, as well as the four songs off their latest EP, Glow. Yea, the one that made me cry. Listen your heart out.