“I write in terror. I have to talk myself into bravery with every sentence, sometimes every syllable.” –Cynthia Ozick

“Don’t simply tell me that faith saves you, tell me how it almost failed you, too. Don’t tell me about love, speak of your passion. Don’t tell me you’re hurt, let me see your heart breaking. I don’t want to see your talent on the page, I want to see your blood.

“Dare to be naked before your readers. Because that is writing, and everything else is worthless crap.”

-Wisdom tapped from From Billy Coffey’s post Writing Naked

Perhaps, if you are blocked, you are not writing about what moves you, what terrifies you most. You are not afraid enough yet.

Write a few words about the scariest stuff, and then see how big your block is.


One thought on “Unblock your writer

  1. This is really strong. I love the line, “If you are blocked, you are not writing about what moves you…You are not afraid enough yet.” I don’t think that’s actually true, because I think great writing comes out of fearlessness and a radical, inspired, God-given confidence. But regardless, it’s a great line.


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