After a short reprieve, I’m back with #NewMusicMonday. And I’m really excited to introduce this band to you.

I discovered Pas Neos about two years ago. Bob Powers and Caleb Culver formed this brilliant duo, along with other musical accompaniment, and they blended synth and live instruments to make their own brand of music .

They describe their sound as “pulsing, synth-tinged indie rock”, and since I don’t really write music reviews, I’m going to go with that. At times, the music reminds me of some of The Postal Service work, a little melancholic. But what I love is their music is truly their own. They experiment with sound and lyrics, and you can tell each song is its own unique project, totally different from the rest.

Their music is so expertly constructed, layer upon layer, you could just listen to that and forget that they are also singing. But you shouldn’t because the lyrics are powerfully wise, insightful and beautiful. Their latest album, Who Do You Say I Am?, gives a unique close-up of the life of Jesus and the disciples. It’s as if they were there, listening in on conversations and thought-musings, and developed the music from what they heard.

I never thought “synth-tinged indie rock” would bring me into the presence of God and make me love Jesus so much, but their music always does that for me. I sit there, astounded at the genius of the music, and wonder how they know God so well. It’s like they are reading his mind.

Did I mention that I just love this band? Oh my gosh! Okay, groupie moment over. But I did get to see them in concert and it was so cool. I was jumping around pretty much the whole time – my own mosh pit. 

It’s very hard for me to choose a song to share with you, but I’m going to choose this one, entitled Pharisees. This song is about Jesus’ frustration with the blindness of the religious leadership of his day. He wanted to show them the love of heaven, but they vehemently opted for rules and control. Every time. And as much as I love to hate the Pharisees, I feel like one most days.

Here is the “video”, which is just the audio, and the lyrics are below. I strongly encourage you to read the lyrics so you don’t miss anything. They are that good. And feel free to purchase all their albums here. 🙂

Lyrics to ‘Who Do You Say I Am?

Pharisees (No Sign Will Be Given)

I can see through the lies and all you hold in high esteem. I can see through your moneymaking schemes. Are you finding your position? Basking in your recognition? Well, I’m not getting your attention, I’m not getting your attention.

I can see past the weight you pile high upon their backs. I can see every motive in the act – and it’s quite the show you’re putting on, be careful when the curtain’s drawn. Well I’m not getting your attention. I’m not getting your attention.

You keep asking for a sign but what can I show the blind? You’ve played the songs but we’ve not danced your dance. You’ve played the dirge but we’ve not mourned and it really gets under your skin.

I can see the affect in the poison you’ve concealed. I can see your favor towards Gomorrah’s fields. Your vine yields a bitter fruit – the decay reaches to the root. Well, you’re not seeing the consequences. Not seeing the consequences.

Oh, how I longed to gather you, but you would not have it! one, two, three – I sent My messengers, but you would not have it!