I am a pop-lover at heart. I think that’s why I fell in love with this girl-fronted band, and this song especially.

Haim is a sister trio from LA who grew up playing small gigs with their parents, who played for a hobby. Together with their drummer, who happens to be a guy, they’ve  launched two EPs, and their fame is growing, including a recent nod in SPIN mag’s 40 favorite songs of 2013 So Far).

This song, Falling, won my heart as a poppy hipster ballad, but honestly, I expected a little leather and metal, 80s punk style, from the sound. When I saw the video, I was surprised to see the girls washed in a vintage filter, frolicking in the woods and along cliffs in muted tones and tiny, high-waisted denim. In other words, Urban Outfitters models on an Anthropologie set. They look young enough to be having a roommate sleepover, but you’d better take them seriously. It’s clear these women know music.

Fair warning: this tune is a stick-in-your-head, feel-good pop ballad you’ll want to play on Repeat. You may also find yourself dancing, 80s dance floor style. At least I did.