It’s Monday. Again. And you need to dance. Fortunately, with this song, that problem’s solved. [You’re welcome.]

Today’s selection is the delicious retro techno of Lindstrøm & Todd Terje from Norway, a tribute to all the places they want to go and the adventures they haven’t had. Yet. (In case you’ve never heard of Lanzarote, the Spanish island for which the song is named, take a virtual tour here. Yea, I wanna go there too.)

But if you can’t afford the plane fare just yet, Lanzarote (the song) is an absolutely enjoyable break from reality from start to finish, with lots of intriguing layers.

This song has been dance-party tested by my two year old and me, in the bathroom, on Sunday night. And since it’s Monday, I’m quite certain we all need something to keep our hearts on. At least I do.

So put on your red shoes and dance with me. Just click PLAY.

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