If you are a parent, or you have ever been around a toddler, you know they have these obsessions. Compulsions. These “I can’t help myself” moments. While endearing the first six times they pose a nonsensical request, in only a matter of seconds the charm wears thin and suddenly, I’m shouting, “NO!” with all my might. Or I’m trying not to, per my 365 day commitment. Gulp.

We parents and caregivers say “No”, but what does that really matter to a toddler? They know the real trick is not the answer you give, but the ability to wear. you. down.  One whine at a time.

It works, doesn’t it?

Watch this hilarious short of two adult men reenacting an actual conversation one of the men had with his two-year-old daughter. (Apparently it’s a universal trait, the impulsive sweet tooth and very little access to the logic-brain.) This particular episode is about cookies. One of my son’s favorite words. Around our house, they’re called “keekees”, which is super adorable until he’s eaten 38 of them.

There are 8 episodes all together, so you know, if you have some time, you should watch them. Feel the empathy. It’ll be a relief.